Our web shops

To give a better overview of our extensive range, we have a number of other specialized web shops:

Tackerhop.nl: Pneumatic tackers, battery opperated or electric tackers and fasteners

Handtackers.com: Hand tackers, hand pliers, cable tackers, hammer tackers and fasteners

PolymerFasteners.com: Plastic fasteners and their special fastening tools

Spenax-Hogrings.com: Hog Rings in all shapes and the special tools

CartonClosing.com: Tools for Carton Closing, special pliers for closing wrappings and the corresponding staples

Fast-N-Finish.nl: Eyelets, stitching wire, paper drill bits etcetera. Focus on Graphic Finishing

Schuifdeursystemen.eu: Pocket frames for sliding doors. De sliding door systems are available in many types and sizes and are easy to install

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