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Percussion pin with piston for Nikema MG30

Percussion pin with piston for Nikema MG30
Percussion pin with piston for Nikema MG30
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Need an impact pin with piston for Nikema®'s 21G microbrad tacker M10-MG30? A Nikema MG30 firing pin with piston is an indispensable part of the Nikema M10 tackers. It consists of a sturdy iron striking pin with a round piston at one end. This striking pin with piston moves in and out of an air cylinder within the drive mechanism of Nikema tackers. Order it directly in our web shop to replace your firing pin.

How do I replace the firing pin with piston for Nikema MG30?

Of course, it may happen that the firing pin for your tacker needs to be replaced, for example, when it is broken or has a lot of hours of use in it. Replacing the firing pin of your Nikema M10-MG30 tacker is a common repair. Below you will read step-by-step how to perform the repair yourself.

What you need for your repair

  • Nikema M10-MG30 tacker
  • Wrench
  • Vice
  • Allen wrench
  • Rubber hammer
  • Replacement firing pin with piston

An overview of the parts

onderdelen overzicht nikema mg30

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Remove the head: use the wrench to loosen the head of the tacker. If the head is tight, it may help to secure the tacker in a vise. This actually offers more resistance, which can help with unscrewing the head
  2. Take the broken firing pin out: once the head of the tacker has been unscrewed, the broken firing pin and piston must then be removed from the tacker. The easiest way to do this is to hold the tacker loosely and then tap the handle of the tacker several times with a rubber mallet. This actually helps with breaking the airtight seal on the piston to be replaced. After this is done, it should be easy to remove the firing pin and piston from the cylinder
  3. Loosen the nose: sometimes the the new firing pin and piston can be inserted directly into the cylinder. But sometimes it can be difficult to get the tip of the firing pin into the nose of the tacker. To make this easier, consider opening up the nose of the tacker. Use an Allen wrench to unscrew the nose of the tacker. Keep the screws well, as you will need them again later!
  4. Insert the firing pin: insert the new firing pin with piston back into the tacker. Make sure that the firing pin is properly connected to the nose. The two elements must be able to slide past each other properly. Insert it through the hole and make sure that the firing pin is with the right side up, so that it fits properly on the nose

  5. Fix the nose: screw the nose of the tacker firmly back in place using the Allen wrench. Check that the nose is properly aligned and firmly attached
  6. Reattach the head: use the wrench to firmly screw the head of the tacker back in place
  7. Test the firing pin: reconnect the tacker to the compressor, place the 21G finishing nails back in the magazine and check that the unit is working correctly by firing into wood a number of times

The operation of a firing pin with piston

When you pull the trigger on a tacker, high-pressure air is supplied to the cylinder that holds the firing pin with piston for the Nikema MG30. This air causes the firing pin with piston to be pushed through the air cylinder at high speed. This results in a powerful impact of the striking pin against the fastener, which causes the finishing nail to be shot. The result is a fast, accurate and powerful fastener.

Need help repairing your firing pin with piston for the Nikema MG30?

You can significantly extend the life of your Nikema by properly maintaining your unit. Thus, a common repair is to replace the firing pin with piston. Would you like to have this repair done, instead of doing it yourself? You can! The BestFix team performs repairs on tackers purchased from us. Please contact us via our contact form or send an email. Would you prefer direct contact? Call us at +31 (0)570 768 737.


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